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Outpatient diagnostics (outpatient registration) is located to the right after coming in through the main lobby. Hours of operation are from 6:00 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday, closed on Holidays. Routine outpatient laboratory and imaging services are available during outpatient diagnostic’s open hours. All patients who receive hospital services must go through the outpatient diagnostic (outpatient registration) area. To register for hospital services at times other than those listed above or on Holidays, please push button on desk for assistance.

Mason District Hospital outpatient services offers testing ordered from outlying facilities and doctor offices and are happy to forward the results to your doctor. Please bring the order with you and where results need to be sent. Some testing must be scheduled and some tests have special preparations prior to testing. So please call for any question, 309-543-8530.

For the registration process to go as smooth as possible, please have your order with you, or make sure your doctor has sent the order, and have you insurance information with you. Some insurance payers often require pre-authorization for payment of services. Please verify your benefits with your insurance company to see if pre-authorization is needed prior to services.