615 N. Promenade Street, Havana, IL 62644

MD Immediate Care

MD Immediate Care

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MD Immediate Care

615 N. Promenade Street
P.O. Box 530
Havana, IL 62644

(309) 543-8550

Hours of Operation:

Monday Thru Friday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

No Appointment needed!!

Who will be seen?
ANYONE! You don’t have to be established with a provider at Havana Medical Associates to be seen. We accept all insurances. Our only requirements is that copays and fees are paid upfront.

What medical problems can be seen?
We will be seeing acute medical problems. Right now, the common visit reason is respiratory problems. Some acute problems need a higher level of care and may need to be referred to the emergency room. This will be determined by the provider after evaluating the patient. We also will not manage medications or chronic problems. This should be done by your primary care provider.

What will it cost?
The cost of the visit is the same as if you were to be seen in any of our clinics. It depends on your insurance and their copay. Overall, we’re trying to keep up with the rapidly changing pace of medicine. The community has asked for an extended hours clinic for years. We want to provide a quick and accessible service and prevent people from the area needing to go to Springfield, Pekin, Canton, etc to be seen for an illness.

Patient Portal

The Patient Portal is a great resource to view diagnostic testing, clinic notes and communicate with the provider.

Meet Our Staff

Michael Markley, MD

Chase Holtman, NP-C

Marsha Kirchner, FNP-BC

Kali Troxell, FNP-C