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Now Offers Digital Mammography

“Mason District Hospital Offers Latest Tools for Early Breast Cancer Detection, Right Here at Home”

Havana, IL – This year, 1 out of every 8 women will receive a breast cancer diagnosis, according to the American Cancer Society. Mason District Hospital understands the importance of early cancer detection. As part of its overall mission to continuously seek out superior technology to help improve the health of the community, it has recently added Digital Mammography breast cancer screenings as part of its Radiology services. Funding for the equipment came from The Mason Hospital Auxiliary and the Mason District Hospital Foundation, and from a Hospital Capital Equipment Grant from the Illinois Department of Public Health.

“Using digital mammography gives our radiologists the chance to spot cancers at an earlier stage in some women, increasing the efficacy of the treatment and the survival rate from breast cancer,” explained Harry Wolin, Administrator and CEO of Mason District Hospital. The equipment upgrade uses Carestream® CR Classic Mammography software and technology, and offers the benefits of:

Superior image clarity
Enhanced visualization of the tissue to detect small masses or changes in tissue
Faster exams with less need for retakes than traditional film mammography
Fast availability of images on computer monitors
Immediate transmission of images between physician offices

“We see this technology as an opportunity to help the women of our community with state-of-the-art diagnostics. We can utilize telemammography. This involves the ability to send digital mammography images to radiologists specializing in breast imaging, allowing us to provide the patient with the most complete and thorough mammography review possible while in our care,” commented Tina Boggs, Imaging Director of Mason District Hospital.

To schedule a mammogram, or for more information, patients may call (309) 543-8550.

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